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The New Yesterday is a sci-fi webcomic that mixes humour, action, political commentary, and swashbuckling space adventure! Inspired by things like Star Trek, Final Fantasy, and genre-defining books like 1984, Brave New World, and the Foundation series, TNY attempts to make the old feel new again.

With this comic, I intend to tell a sprawling, 13 book story about the collapse of a galactic civilization, and the people just trying to survive. Thirteen books is a LONG story, especially for a webcomic where I do all the work (that is, writing, and art, and promotion). So I am coming to Patreon for your help!

Small donations from many readers could eventually make this my day job! If you like the story, and want to see more of it, much faster, please consider donating to the cause! Check out the Patreon page for special donation perks, and a set of goals: the more pledges, the faster TNY updates!

And if you can’t donate, that’s cool too – your readership is more than enough for me!