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Patreon Bonus Content

Patreon is a great way to support indie creators, artists, writers. You can pledge to support The New Yesterday by clicking here. Every month I drop a load of bonus content for my Patrons who donate $3 or more. We call them Yesterdumps, and they’re available on the Patreon Site, as well as listed here below. You must be signed-in to Patreon in order for these posts to be unlocked here on the site.


Development Hell

They say that art is never finished, only abandoned. Well The New Yesterday has been in development for ten years, and that’s in large part because I was never happy with my work. Development Hell is a series of infographics which show the progression of my art, and tell the story of how I got TNY pages to the point I was willing to let go, and finally put the comic on the web.



Mugshots are a series of short stories (one or two pages long) looking into the backgrounds of our five main characters. Each a wanted criminal, Mugshots explore the way our characters are viewed by the media and the propaganda machine of the Nation.