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The Author

J. Mackenzie Graham is an independent illustrator and writer living in Toronto.
Mackenzie is hard at work on his free-to-read sci-fi webcomic The New Yesterday.

Before pursuing crowd-funding through Patreon, Mackenzie worked in concept art and storyboards for independent film, and for clients such as Bizmedia and Microsoft. One of his proudest artistic achievements came when he had his artwork included in Jet Set Radio Remastered for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Mackenzie likes Doctor Who (depending on the series), longboarding, decent beers,
and taking photographs of street art in urban areas.

You can reach him on His personal Twitter, Instagram,
or by emailing him at jaymack (at) thenewyesterday (dot) com


The Comic

It all came to an end over twenty years ago.

This big, galactic civilization came crashing down. Decades later a man who survived the chaos tells his story to a boy too young to remember. The guy’s name is Malik, and before the fall, he was just a regular corporate nobody.

But when Malik finds out that his company is up to some shady business, he is compelled to publish their secrets. Get the truth out. It doesn’t take long for the totalitarian Nation to catch on, and our story starts when Malik is sent to prison.

There, he meets members of a shadowy resistance group, and a street punk who thinks he can see the future – and together they plot a daring escape! Malik’s new life is just beginning, as the world itself is ending.


The New Yesterday is a free-to-read, crowd-funded sci-fi
webcomic about the end of the world.